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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chocolate Desire Collection

After a few revisions on my chocolate ganache cake, I came up with this latest design which  I call 'Chocolate Desire'.

Why I called it with that name?
I topped the choco ganache cake with strawberry pie topping. The strawberries are placed along the perimeter of the cake and I let the puree to just slide nicely on the sides of the cake. The strawberry dripping on the sides gives that thrill for you come and take a slice. 

To add appeal, I put some contrast in color, I piped buttercream diagonally oriented on the cake top. Then I piped also buttercream around the cake sides. 

I made another  variation on my Chocolate Desire cake by baking it into 4 mini cakes pans and cutting each mini cake in half. This one I call 'Chocolate Desire Minicakes'.  I poured chocolate ganache generously all over the mini cake tops, followed with strawberry puree/syrup and just let them drip together to the plate. Whole strawberries are randomly left on top of the mini cakes as well.

The way the ganache and the strawberry puree syrup flows down from cake  delivers the thrill and just makes you want consume this very moist and rich 'Chocolate Desire' cake.

So that's it, my Chocolate Desire collection- rich, decadent and so moist keeps you wanting for more.